Embrey Select Membership Plans

embrey select membership plans

making family dental care more affordable

Studies say that only 1 out of 3 people see their dentist twice a year as recommended by the American Dental Association. Because over 40% of Americans do not have dental insurance, the number one reason for not visiting the dentist every six months is cost.

Without insurance, regular dental care typically exceeds $600 per year and periodontal maintenance treatment can be far more than that amount. The Embrey Select Membership Plans make excellent oral healthcare affordable for those without dental insurance.

Affordable Family Dental Care

membership plans

We believe that everyone deserves quality dental care because good oral health is a big part of your overall health. For more details, please call us at 484.228.1064



for children under 14 years old

  • 2 biannual exams
  • 2 biannual cleanings
  • 2 fluoride desensitizing treatments
  • 1 emergency visit with 1 X-ray (PA)
  • full mouth series/panoramic/bite wing

healthy individual


for individuals who have healthy gums and no history of gum disease

  • 2 biannual exams
  • 2 biannual cleanings
  • 2 fluoride treatments
  • oral cancer screening
  • 1 emergency visit with 1 x-ray (pa)
  • full mouth series/panoramic/bite wing

periodontal plan


for patients who are in need of periodontal cleanings and maintenance

  • 2 biannual exams
  • 4 annual cleanings
  • 2 fluoride treatments
  • 1 emergency visit with 1 x-ray (pa)
  • full mouth series/panoramic/bite wing
  • 40% off all scaling and root planning

Additional family fee


for immediate family members (above 3 years old)

  • for every additional immediate family member with a healthy mouth
  • not applicable to periodontal patients. please contact us for more details

all annual memberships include:

  • xrays as indicated
  • biannual cleanings
  • 10% off Aligner therapy
  • 20% discount on all basic and major restorative treatment
  • Exclusions include whitening and Botox

This membership program is not an insurance plan. It does not cover medical procedures of any kind and cannot be used in conjunction with any dental insurance plan. This membership program is only valid at Embrey Dental. Plan fees are subject to change. For complete details, see Plan terms and conditions.

some exclusions apply:
  • The patient's portion of the bill is due the day of the service
  • This plan is only honored at Embrey Dental. It cannot be used at any other dental office
  • This plan cannot be combined with any insurance plan
the benefits of our plans include:
  • no yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No pre-authorization requirements
  • No pre-existing conditions limitations
  • No one will be denied coverage
  • No exclusions
  • No waiting periods
  • Free consultations
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