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investing in our community

Fostering Hope

There are no unwanted children… just unfound families.

fostering hope is a foster share community. it is a Volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization serving foster families and children in Southeastern PA.

Fostering Hope - Embrey Dental
Fostering Hope - foster share community

helping the helpers

Families willing to turn their family into a foster family need help. Our “Foster-Share” Closet provides a place where foster families can get what they need at no cost (essential gear, clothing, toys, furniture, additional child-care items, and a 'library' full of books).

helping the children

When a child enters foster care or moves from home to home, it can be a scary and confusing time. We offer Bags of Hope to make sure each child has the basic essentials and Dignity Duffles so they don’t have to resort to carrying their belongings in a trash bag.

Fostering Hope

from our family to foster families

For every new patient we welcome into our patient family, we sponsor a Dignity Duffle to help children transitioning from one home to another.

Fostering Hope
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